The Tories have long been a toxic brand, and attempts to move them leftwards are signs of a Labour consensus-building victory

October 1, 2013


What’s hugely unpopular among voters, mostly funded by City banks, and hasn’t won an election in twenty-one years? It’s the Tories of course, and no amount of polishing the proverbial excrement that is the Conservative party will prevent millions of Britons from seeing them that way. After all, 42% of us would never vote for […]

Why a US attack on Syria would have little to do with chemical weapons or saving lives

September 19, 2013


“I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes to spread a lively terror.” History does not care to tell us whether or not Winston Churchill got his wish and gassed the Kurds, advocating the use of chemical weapons against civilians almost a hundred years before Bashar Assad’s attack at Ghouta on […]

Moralising instead of analysing in the debate on Britain’s imperial relics could increase colonialism in the present

August 17, 2013


Last week when riots broke out over a republican parade in Northern Ireland, the oldest and closest relic of Britain’s empire, historically-based analysis descended into cheap moralising over violence. Loyalist protestors injured 56 police officers, and Northern Ireland’s Chief Constable denounced it as ‘mindless anarchy’ whilst Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers called it, ‘shameful’. Similarly, […]

What is student politics for? A review of Digby Jacks’ book ‘Student Politics and Higher Education’

August 3, 2013


With the current austerity cuts hitting students through higher fees, cuts to education, privatisation of student loans and an undermining of the right to education, I felt it was time to dig out my father’s copy of Digby Jacks’ Student Politics and Higher Education. Jacks was President of the National Union of Students from 1971 […]

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Greece’s Syriza coalition may provide answers for the global left in taking on the IMF’s neoliberalism, but they may not be the answers we want to hear

July 29, 2013


The man who promises to end Greece’s austerity binge and reinvent European socialism for the 21st century has edged closer to power, after the radical left Syriza coalition of 14 parties merged into one unified bloc to fight future elections. Alexis Tsipras, the coalition’s leader, was elected head of the new party with 74% of […]

Paying £25 to see your doctor is cruel, but it’s a definite possibility under a Tory-Liberal government determined to undermine public services

July 28, 2013


Nye Bevan has been rolling in his grave so much this year I doubt he can remember whether he’s facing up or down. After NHS privatisation was finally sealed in April, the principal of free and publicly accountable universal healthcare is being further undermined by talk of GPs charging patients for their appointments. The Independent […]

The ‘arms for dictators’ scandal isn’t new. It is cross-party, well-established and has been going on for too long

July 17, 2013


The fringe issue of arms export criteria became headline news today, with the Independent’s splash on an ‘arms for dictators’ scandal. A parliamentary report by the Committees on Arms Export Controls raised a few eyebrows, but the embarrassment of the government approving arms sales to 25 out of 27 of the countries blacklisted as human […]


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